testimony on proposed 13.5% increase in providence police salaries – uprise ri

1,400+ views first day on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube

noise demonstration at providence councilmember ryan’s house – uprise ri

1,200+ views live on facebooktwitter, and youtube, 7,200+ views first day

‘don’t panic, organize’ sign appears – uprise ri

24,100+ reach on facebooktwitter, and instagram

purge your cupboards – uprise ri

24,900+ reach on facebook, twitter, and instagram

justice for jhamal gonsalves protest in providence – uprise ri

177,800+ views live on facebooktwitter, and youtube, 267,600+ views first day

40,000+ views in reposts: one,

protest for indigenous peoples day in rhode island – uprise ri

5,800+ views live on facebooktwitter, and youtube, 19,600+ views first day

1,000+ views first day on instagramtwitter, and youtube

rhode island is standing for breonna taylor – uprise ri

37,800+ views live on facebooktwitter, and youtube, 57,200+ views first day

kenosha and jacob blake solidarity action in providence

23,400+ views live on facebook, twitter, and youtube, 29,200+ views first day

providence ‘justice for jacob blake’ solidarity event

22,000+ views live on facebooktwitter, and youtube, 24,300+ views first day

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